PATEC specialises in the Original Design Manufacturing of high precision mechanical press machines (tonnage ranging from 100 to 1000 tons), robotics transfer, feeder and other ancillary support systems. PATEC also develops, fabricates and tests precision tools in-house, for custom applications and process conversions.

High Precision Mechanical Press Machines
Link Motion Drive Technology
PATEC's Link Motion Drive technology is available on all PATEC press machines. With our patented eccentric link motion drive, the slide velocity decreases by up to 40% during the working portion of the stroke, so the material flows more effectively. At the same time, this allows the non-working portion of the stroke to increase in velocity, so as to maintain a high production rate.

The result is a better quality part at higher production rates. In addition, slower speed through the working stroke reduces tool impact, snap-through, noise and vibration, thereby increasing machine and tool life.
Equipment Advantages
  Bed One piece solid structure by casting, reducing bed deformation and vibration.
  Welded Straight Side Frame - Rigid H' frame structure and one piece bed reduces total dynamic deformation.
  Bed Deflection Our FGL 300 ton has a bed deformation rate at 1/33800 (0.059mm at 2m bed length) while other conventional 300 ton presses are often rated at around 1/18000.
  Electrical Oil Lubrication System To provide constant flow of oil to all critical moving areas and reduce wear and tear on the machine components.
  Load Monitor (Honeywell) Allows exact pre-setting of machine upper tonnage limit and identifies machine overloading, consequently protecting and extending tool life.
Technology Advantages
  Holds the slide for 45 degree through bottom dead centre.
  Maximise the time of material forming.
  Ensure the even flow of material.
  Alleviate the extrusion effect of materials.
  Allow for fine-blanking finishing on conventional progressive stamping process.
  Reduce the floating of slugs and improving productivity.
  High conformity to strict tolerances for part flatness and perpendicularity .
  Prolong tool life and simplify the tool maintenance procedure.
Industrial Design and Product Development
  Design and Fabrication of Precision Metal and Components tools and dies
  Designing, Assembling and Commissioning of Metal Forming Manufacturing Lines
  Research and Development of Press Machine and Feeding Equipment
  Research and Development new Metal Forming Technology