i.   A powerful team

Does a career with clear prospects, in a culture that relentlessly pursue excellence, appeal to you? PATEC offers driven, dedicated and responsible employees exciting opportunities on an international stage. Our employees are the foundation of our success, and your commitment and motivation play an important role in the strengthening of our position as the market leader in process and manufacturing innovation and realizing our goal of becoming the leading company in the metal forming industry.

ii.    A community with shared values and a commitment to mutual success

Thanks to our unique corporate culture, we have managed to forge our international community of staff into a team that is committed to our mutual success. This creates a working atmosphere that encourages exceptional performance and job satisfaction. The effects of this motivating environment and the freedom that employees are given to develop are demonstrated by a high level of employee identification with the company, as well as long staff tenures.

Our employees are given the necessary freedom and areas of responsibility to develop their creativity and innovative ideas, within a rigidly guarded framework of core principals and policies that include attention to quality, reliability in delivery, prompt service response, staff welfare and environmental responsibilities.

iii.   Cross-border cooperation

Over the past decade, PATEC has developed into a global enterprise. Today, we are present all over the world, through fully-owned subsidiaries and joint-ventures - everywhere our customers need us to be.

While maintaining a great amount of independence and flexibility at individual plant and subsidiary level, we also encourage inter-subsidiary communication and collaborations to take place at all level, from senior management decisions for strategic matters to engineer level discussions for technical design, production and process concerns.

iv.   Careers in the global PATEC network

Short or long term posting to an overseas PATEC subsidiary or affiliated joint-venture company is an increasingly important part of our systematic personnel development. The opportunity to explore new markets and cultures, as well as gain international exposure, all provide growth possibilities on a personal and professional level.

v.   Leading positions within the company

In conjunction with the exponential growth that PATEC is experiencing, new key management positions are regularly opening up. This means with the correct mentality and skill-set, career advancement is swifter and more rewarding.