The innovation and dedication of approximately 600 employees worldwide have made PATEC a recognised specialist for our complete engineering solutions, quality and reliability. At PATEC, we believe in cultivating a culture of excellence, where each and every individual takes pride and responsibilities in their duties. This is characterised by a dynamic work atmosphere, clear directions, direct approaches, and open dialogues.
1.   Further Training Support and Demands

The success of PATEC depends on our ability to evolve and maximise our core comparative advantage, and the people in PATEC form the basis of this core strength. To extend this ability to cope with ever-changing requirements in the industry, PATEC places significant emphasis on people development on a personal and professional level.

From course and modular certification for particular and specific skill-sets, to the advancement of academic qualifications through full-length tertiary education programs, PATEC works with SPRING Singapore to encourage life-long learning for its greatest asset.

2.   International Exposure with PATEC

As the sales, development and manufacturing of our products occur in different countries all over the world, we engage a vastly diverse workforce in PATEC. This diversity in nationality, language, culture and geographical location allows us to continuously explore, learn and understand from the wealth in perspectives and ideas. The benefit of this rich and vibrant international community, coupled with various overseas locations for short and long term posting and tour of duties, allows invaluable exposure and experience for both corporate and personal growth.